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Indentured Servant Department - A CSI Alternate Un's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Indentured Servant Department - A CSI Alternate Un's LiveJournal:

Saturday, January 28th, 2006
10:29 am
FIC: Interview, PG, 1/1, gen
Title: Interview
Author: Tara Keezer
Rating: PG
Summary: David Hodges could feel himself starting to sweat.
Notes: I just remembered this was sitting on my hard drive. Any chance someone else is ready to play?

InterviewCollapse )
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
1:27 pm
ISD 'verse info!
More general info on the ISD 'verse:

More backstoryCollapse )

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Also, welcome to everyone who's either joined or is watching.

Also, if anyone is interested in making a whore!Nick, whore!Danny or whore!(Miami character of your choice) icon for the community, I wouldn't say no.
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
11:51 am
FIC: Lab Work, Hard R, 1/1, Gil/Nick
Title: Lab Work
Author: Tara Keezer
Rating: Hard R
Summary: In an alternate universe, crime labs are privately owned, and nonviolent offenders pay their debt to society as indentured servants. Beginning of the ISD 'verse.
Disclaimer: Zuiker and company own all the CSI franchises and characters. I own two elderly gay ferrets.


Lab WorkCollapse )
11:50 am
ISD 'Verse Backstory and Rules
I have too many CSI bunnies floating around in my head right now, and I don't have time to feed another one. I'm opening the ISD 'verse up to anyone who wants to play in it. All I ask is that you follow the basic backstory and rules below:


• Crime labs are privately owned. Gil's lab is in direct competition with Ecklie's lab for county and state work. Catherine owns a lab as well, but her operation is relatively small. For the moment, she does contract work for Gil and Ecklie, though Gil is planning to ask her to merge with his lab. Catherine specializes in A/V analysis, and Archie is a free worker in her lab.

• Catherine is aware that Sam Braun is her father, but it's the best-kept secret in Las Vegas -- for now, anyway.

• Ecklie's lab is in trouble. It isn't big trouble yet, but his work is starting to get thrown out on appeal.

• Greg is eventually going to answer Grissom's ad for a DNA tech, so he'll be in Vegas as a free worker. Ecklie's tech is going to quit, and Ecklie isn't above cheating to get what he wants (this is a broad hint).

• Nick is run by Clark County, with his primary duties being in the sex trade. This means you can pair him up with anyone your heart desires, as long as the person can pay the price.

• Brass arrested Nick for drunk and disorderly when Nick was in town for a cop convention. Assuming he doesn't pay early, Nick has two more years to go on his sentence before he's his own man again.

• Sara is a freelance investigator, and she has contracts with all the crime labs in the county.

• Warrick works for the county as an assignment officer for the Indentured Service Department (ISD).

• Indentured servants literally pay off their debt by being hired out as temporary workers. They get a portion of their fees paid back to them, and they can use that money for "civilian" clothing, books and so on or for paying off their debt early (which is why Nick went the sex trade route -- he's hoping to pay off his debt in the next six months, based on the money he's squirreled away). The county provides room and board as well as work uniforms and medical care (especially important for the sex workers).

• Because they're nonviolent offenders, indentured servants can roam freely within the city limits. The collar each indentured servant wears enforces this rule by injecting the servant with a heavy-duty knock-out drug if they try to leave the city limits without prior arrangement (to go on a job, for instance). Escape attempts are punished by no less than ten years hard time in prison (with all the violent offenders). Needless to say, prison is a thing to be avoided at all possible costs, so servants generally don't run.


• Once someone assigns status (free or indentured) to an existing canon character, you have to work with that decision.

• If you have a question or if there's discontinuity between two authors' stories, send an e-mail to elementalv at livejournal.com, and I'll give a ruling.

• If you plan to write in the 'verse, be sure to check the other stories first so you don't contradict what's already gone before.

• I won't require you to get a beta reader, but if your story is filled with spelling/grammatical errors, I'll tell you to take it down and fix the problems before posting again. If you get such a note from me, don't take it personally. I just find it impossible to read stories with that many errors in them.

• Character bashing is forbidden.

• Canon death is permitted, but you'd better have a very good reason for taking a character out of rotation for everyone else.

• I'm not a big fan of warnings, myself, but I can see where other people want and need them. Warn for character death, non-con and depictions of violence/gore that are worse than what you would see on network TV.

• Het, slash and gen fics are all welcome here, as are fics based in New York and Miami (it's open season on those characters, since I really don't watch the shows very much).

• Feel free to spread the word about this community. I'd love to see a variety of fics featuring the characters.

ETA: This 'verse was somewhat inspired by The Tenth Muse's Romanology Scrolls, an AU series of fics based on the "what if" notion that the Roman system of slavery never went away. The ISD AU is based on the "what if" notion that the Colonial America system of indentured servitude never went away. The primary difference between the two methods of punishment/debt payment is that there's a set period of time for indentured service, as opposed to slavery, which is assumed to be lifelong and generational. Beyond the initial point of inspiration, Romanology and ISD diverge sharply at the start.

The rest of the inspiration came from the slave!Nick stories that have proliferated lately. I enjoy them, but more than that, I enjoy turning such things on their head and looking at them upside down.
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